Fibaro Roller shutter 2
  • Fibaro Roller shutter 2

Fibaro Roller shutter 2

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Shutters can be much more than a privacy protection. They can be used to save a lot of energy in your home. During winter the shutters can be used to keep the heat inside your home. On the other hand the shutters can be closed during summer to shadow your home for comfortable cool climate inside.
The FIBARO Roller Shutter 2 gives you the possibility to control your electrical shutters, blinds and garage doors from everywhere. Roller Shutter 2 can control any device driven by an AC motor. The insert turns standard electric installations intelligent using Z-Wave wireless technology. Roller Shutter 2 enables precise positioning of motors with mechanical and electrical limit switch. Additionally the device is able to monitor power consumption.
The device is placed in a wall box right behind the normal switch. The switch is no longer directly connected to the load but acts as input device for the FIBARO insert that is controlling the load. The switch only sends control signal to the insert which controls the load then again.
The solution works with all switch design. You can use a momentary or a toggle switch as long as there is enough space in the wall box behind the switch. The device is just 20.30 mm height. The available space depends on the size of the traditional switch, the dimensions of the wall box and the amount of additional cabling placed in this box.
With Roller Shutter 2 (FGR-222) FIBARO reacts to renewed product designs. The roller shutter will be adjusted to the other inserts and FIBARO unifies its product line optically.
  • Controllable by FIBARO devices or other Z-Wave controllers
  • Enables monitoring the motor&rsquos energy consumption 
  • Controls shutter position and venetian blinds
  • Executive element: Relay
  • Device can be controlled with touch or flip switch and assigned shutter control switches
  • Enables scene activation by switch confirmation
  • Wireless Technology: Z-Wave
  • Voltage: 110 – 240 V, 50Hz
  • Wiring: Neutral required
  • Maximum Load: 1,000 W - 4.3 A (230V AC)
    o 4,2 A for Lamps and resistive load
    o 1,7 A for motors and inductive loads
  • Power Usage: < 0.8 W
  • Wireless Range: up to 50 m (Outdoor) and 30 m (Indoor)
  • Z-Wave Range Tester (LED indicator)