Motion Sensor (4-in-1 Multi Sensor) GEN 5

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Motion Sensor (4-in-1 Multi Sensor) GEN 5




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The Fibaro Motion Sensor is much more than a motion sensor, because the stylish devices combines four different sensors in one small round housing. All measured value will be reported to the smart home center.
Motion Sensor:
  • Detects motion and presence (counts all persons entering the room and monitors time of presence)
  • Adjustable sensibility
Temperature Sensor:
  • Measures the temperature in a range of -20...100°C (-4...212°F) 
  • LED area displays temperature range (blue: <17°C  green: <21°C red: >21°C)
Light Sensor:
  • Digital light sensor measures brightness (in Lux) in realtime
Vibration Sensor:
  • Detects tamper on the device by itself
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