FOXX Door- and Window Sensor

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FOXX Door- and Window Sensor




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The FOXX Door / Window Sensor is a battery- powered Z-Wave magnetic contact door/ window sensor. The Door / Window Sensor will send radio signals up to 6 associated Z-Wave devices within its own Z-Wave network when the main unit separates from the smaller unit (i.e. the door or window it is attached to is opened).

Bidirectional mounting plates and a push button release clasp allows for easy end-user installation. The FOXX Door / Window Sensor also has tamper prevention capabilities and low-battery alerts.

The FOXX Door / Window Sensor also includes the latest stable Z-Wave technology including Z-Wave Explorer Frames.

The problem: 

  • You often travel and want to be alerted when your doors or windows is opened.
  • You forget to regularly close all of your windows.

The impact:

  • Stress & discomfort
  • Time & inconvenience
  • Potential of burglary

The Features of the Door- and Window Sensor:

  • Easy DIY installation on your doors and win- dows.
  • Instant notifications when either a door or win- dow has opened.
  • Set-up a reaction to the sensors detecting an opening, such as a siren.