POPP Wall Plug with Virtual Power Meter (Type F)

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POPP Wall Plug with Virtual Power Meter (Type F)




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  • Any electric device connected to this switch plug by POPP will be immediately a part of your smart home. Operate your coffee machine, radio or desk lamp conveniently using remote control, smartphone or automation.

    By using a Smart Home Center you can also record time scenes to turn on or off associated devices. 

    The POPP switch plug can simply be placed between a wall outlet and an electric device. It can switch all loads up to 3500 W. A multicolor LED indicates the switching status. The assignment of the colors to the switching status can additionally be defined by the user. The local button can control the local load but can also be used to control other functions in a Z-Wave network. Single and double Clicks are distinguished. 

    The device is:

    •          IP 20 rated for indoor use
    •          Local button
    •          Certified as EN 61058, DIN VDE 0620-1:2005
    •          Fully compliable with the Z-Wave Plus standard