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  • Smaller, but smarter
    The Smart Switch 6 (UK version) is an intelligent wall plug which can be switched by mobile remote control, wall switch, smartphone or through automation. Thanks to Z-Wave the Smart Switch 6 is more than an ordinary socket.
    The Smart Switch 6 owns a superb energy monitoring which provides consumption data of the connected device in real-time to your Z-Wave control center. This data can be stored also to present it in a history diagram later. Besides a colored LED ring at the Smart Switch shows the energy consumption of the connected device.
    The LED ring can be configured as followed:
    - Disabled: The LED ring is switched off permanently
    - Bicolored: Blue shows that the connected device is switched on, White shows that it is switched off
    - 16 milion colors: Colors vary from Blue to Yellow, Green up to Red (Blue shows low, Red shows high energy consumption of the connected device)
    The Smart Switch 6 has a dimension of only 58 x 58 mm and is therewith 43% smaller than its forerunner - however it is smart and practical. In a time when tablets, smartphones and many other devices can be charged with power via USB it is obvious that Smart Switch 6 owns an additional USB port alongside.
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