Wall Dimmer for Schuko Plug

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Wall Dimmer for Schuko Plug




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  • With the switchable Z-Wave plug adapter AD 1472 by Everspring your lights will become smart. Simply plugged between a wall outlet and a lamp it gives you the possibility to control the light an intelligent way.

    You are already on the way to work and can&rsquot remember if all lamps at home were turned offWith the switchable Z-Wave plug adapter you don&rsquot need to worry. Switch on and off connected lights from anywhere using your mobile device.

    Commissioning is very easy: Activate the learning mode on your Z-Wave control center and insert the Everspring plug adapter in a wall socket. Thanks to the auto mode inclusion you don&rsquot need to do anything else.

    Now you can switch lamps with a load up to 250W conveniently via remote control, smartphone or by intelligent automation.

    Of course you can use the plug adapter as part of an automated scene defined in your Z-Wave Smart Home Gateway to switch your lights on and off or dim up and down.