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Wall_C Forever - Wallcontroller




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With this battery wall controller you can control your smart home from everywhere in the room, because the flat switch can be positioned on and removed from every planar surface without laying or pay attention cables. Switch the lights, the heating and window blinds with only one touch of a button. Using the wall controller is as simple as using an ordinary light switch – but with significantly more functions.


The device could be used as primary controller and secondary controller as well. With the buttons 3 and 4 new Z-Wave devices can be added to the wireless wall controller. Equally you can remove devices from your Z-Wave network.


Due to primary controller function you can use the battery wall controller as standalone remote control as well without using any smart home gateway. Devices such as sockets, window blinds, dimmer, lights and electronic door locks can be switched by the controller directly.


Once one device is added to the wall controller it checks the device type (switch, dimmer,…) and assigns the buttons with correct commands.


Of course you can also include the battery wall controller to an existing Z-Wave smart home network. Therewith you have the possibility to trigger defined scenes such as the closing of the shutters with simultaneous switching on all lights in the room by only one touch of a button. Or place the wall controller next to your entrance door and start the scenario “All off” when you’re leaving home to switch off al lights and electrical devices you don’t need during absence with only one touch of a button. 



  •        Frame and rocker switch in FOREVER design
  •        Use as simple as an ordinary light switch – but much more versatile
  •        Supports Security/secure commands
  •        Four buttons can be assigned free (as single buttons or button pairs)
  •        Longer battery life due to optimized energy management