Z-Wave Data Logger for E-Meters

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Z-Wave Data Logger for E-Meters




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The Z-Wave Smart Meter Sensor is a compact sensor designed to read meter values from traditional electromechanical and electronic meters with optical port. The sensor is easy to install and ideal for precise meter reading down to 0,1kwh. Its compact size and external wireless transmitter makes it easy to install in any distribution board.

The device is battery powered (will last about 1 year) and reports the meter value once in 15 minutes. If there won't be a Z-Wave network, the device will store values up to 3 month. This ensures, that the system can even be used in a minimal configuration with a simple USB Stick (Not part of delivery!) connected to a PC.

The scope of delivery is:

  • The Z-Wave sensor device
  • batteries
  • contact sensor for the meter
  • preconfigured tapes to attach the contact sensor to the meter
  • a screw driver to mount the sensor to the wall - if needed
  • a tool to position the contact sensor on mechanical meters
  • a free windows software tool to analyse the meter data