ZBulb dimmable LED light (UK)

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ZBulb dimmable LED light (UK)




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The Domitech ZBulb is a fully-dimmable, instant-on LED screw-in light bulb that provides comfortable warm white illumination (2700K). It is controllable and via normal wall switch and Z-Wave wireless as well. Equivalent to a 60-watt incandescent bulb and using only nine (9) watts of energy, ZBulb is estimated to save approximately 140 EU throughout its average lifespan.
The ZBulb can be used even in two-wire electrical systems where an installation of a standard Z-Wave switch or dimmer will fail. As with all Z-Wave products ZBulb acts as Z-Wave repeater and gives users the convenience of wirelessly controlling lighting from a Z-Wave hub or controller.
Different from other smartphone controlled LED lights, ZBulb remains controllable via wireless device after it was broken by normal wall switch. This is 
possible through an ingenious switching technology. With a defined switch process of the wall switch the light can be switched off. Nevertheless it 
remains controllable via Z-Wave wireless. Thus it is possible to switch on and dim the light again by smartphone, tablet or defined automation scene. 
Furthermore ZBulb is able to memorize the last dim status before shut-off.
The UK version owns a bayonets socket.
  • Complete dimmable LED
  • Comfortable warm white light (2700K)
  • Light intensity equal to 60 W light bulb
  • Usable for two- and three-wire systems
  • Integrated Z-Wave wireless
  • Special switch technology enables permanent wireless control
  • ZBulb memorizes last dim status before shut-off