Z-Wave USB Stick - made for My Cloud by WD

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Z-Wave USB Stick - made for My Cloud by WD




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The Z-Wave Smart Home USB Stick turns your My Cloud™ NAS (Network Attached Storage) into a smart home control center.

Your home is getting intelligent and will make your life easier. As of now heating, window blinds, lighting and other electrical devices can be controlled by smartphone, tablet, desktop pc, laptop or remote control. Your home is getting securer and energy consumption will be reduced.

WD My Cloud™ is the brain of your intelligent home. All the threads run together here. The control center sends commands to all smart home devices using Z-Wave wireless technology and receives feedbacks from all devices at the same time (e.g. battery status or sensor detected values). Connected with your home network My Cloud™ is the central interface for desktop pc, notebook, smartphone and tablet as well – enabling comfortable home control by web browser or mobile app at home or from the other end of the world.

The Z-Wave smart home usb stick is compatible to the following My Cloud™ models:

  • My Cloud™ Expert Series:
    EX2, EX4, EX2100, EX4100
  • My Cloud™ Business Series:
    DL2100, DL4100
  • MyCloud™ Mirror
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