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Small, intelligent and super smart

Sensors, switches, thermostats, cameras and many more devices will make your home smart und intelligent. However all these components require a central controller – a head, which will have everything under control. The POPP Hub is this head – the free POPP Hub App is the brain. Using this duo you may control your home in a central and flexible way – totally without any annoying wiring effort. 

The Popp Hub is a compact IP smart home gateway, equipped with the Z-Wave wireless technology. This allows the complete and comfortable control of your Z-Wave network by using remote controls, wireless switches, smartphone, desktop as well as tablet PC.

The POPP Hub is able to control up to 230 Z-Wave components by different manufacturers within one home network and allows setting direct associations between the products. These products will be active even without the use of gateways. On top of that most varied scenes and automations can be defined via its user interface. That way you are able to turn time controlled sockets on and off, dim automatically lights in the house depending on the brightness or let the heater heat on the perfect temperature by pressing a single button.

Thanks to the activatable remote access via free Popp Hub iOS & Android smartphone app on your tablet pc or smartphone you will always know, what is happening at home – even if you are fare away from home. Sensors will report about measured values like temperature, humidity, brightness and if windows or doors are open or closed. Thanks to the graphic user interface all values of sensors or measures are shown in a clear and intuitive way.

Of course, via remote access your devices at home can be controlled, too. Just turn the light or a socket off while you're on the road, if you may have forgotten it when leaving home. Deactivate the heating for saving energy while you are working during the day. Turn it remotely on early enough for finding a comfortable warm home, when coming home.

Beyond the controlling of Z-Wave components the POPP Hub is able to manage IP cameras and IP based devices and plugins as well.

Comfort, security, energy efficiency – Your home can do more. Using the POPP Hub you turn on the head, which will take care of everything.